Complex Medical Dermatology Fellowship Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dr. Mostaghimi is the co-director of the  Complex Medical Dermatology Fellowship at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. The focus of this fellowship is to develop academic dermatologists who are able to care for the sickest patients with dermatologic diseases. The fellow will receive specialized training in inpatient consultation, management of dermatologic adverse events from cancer therapeutics, graft-versus host disease, infectious diseases in dermatology, bullous diseases, and complex wound care. Fellows will have additional opportunities for training in cutaneous oncology, rheumatologic-dermatology, photomedicine and other subspecialties according to the fellow’s interests. For more information please email requests to:

Medical Student Research Fellowship

Interested in joining the lab? We are looking for smart, driven medical students interested in working in a collaborative environment on research projects evaluating (but not limited to) health disparities, resource utilization, and costs of care in medical dermatology. We believe that diverse research groups foster creativity, and place an emphasis on recruiting students with unique experiences, backgrounds, skill sets, and perspectives. We aim to create an inclusive culture that provides a welcoming home for all to feel comfortable to participate, share, and create.

If you’re interested in reaching out, please contact us  here

Mostaghimi lab

Department of Dermatology

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Boston, MA, 02215