Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune condition of hair loss.

Our research focuses on the epidemiology of AA, its impact on patients, and the identification and promotion of effective therapies.

We’ve evaluated the  risk of skin cancer and  cardiovascular disease in patients with AA, and  developed validated self-diagnostic tools that have been used  in studies evaluating disease prevalence conducted with industry partners.

In studying the impact of AA on patients, we have identified that 60% of patients with AA report that the disease is a  major financial burden, with one of three patients cutting down spending for food and clothes, and one out of five either skipping payments on other bills or selling possessions to manage medical expenses from AA. Many patients who are  dissatisfied with current medical treatments use  alternative therapies wigs, and other cosmetic products. Despite these efforts, AA continues to have severe  impact on patients’ mental health and  sexual quality of life.

In addition to conducting clinical research on alopecia areata, Dr. Mostaghimi is a principal investigator for several clinical trials testing new therapeutics for patients with AA.

Read more about Dr. Mostaghimi’s  involvement with clinical trials and  passion for AA research.

Selected Publications:

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