Our research seeks to delineate how changes in regulatory frameworks, policy, and financial incentives in health care can impact, in both intended and unintended ways, the way that physicians take care of their patients.  Recent publications include a review of medical overuse in dermatology, an evaluation of the growing impact of private equity in dermatology, and patients’ perspectives on the use of artificial intelligence in skin cancer screening

Areas of focus include measures to reduce unnecessary dermatology referrals for acne via “shared care” with referring physicians facilitated by EHR-based clinical decision support tools.

We’ve also evaluated trends in costs for dermatology pharmaceuticals, potential savings for patients and the health care system overall, and the economic and political environment that facilitates these conditions. 

For recent highlights of our work, see below:

March 11, 2020

Patient Perspectives on the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Skin Cancer Screening

Caroline A. Nelson, MDLourdes Maria Pérez-Chada, MD, MMScAndrew Creadore, BSSara Jiayang Li, BSKelly Lo, BSPriya ManjalyAshley Bahareh Pournamdari, BAElizabeth Tkachenko, BSJohn S. Barbieri, MD, MBAJustin M. Ko, MD, MBAAlka V. Menon, PhDRebecca Ivy Hartman, MD, MPHArash Mostaghimi, MD, MPA, MPH

In this paper we used qualitative methods to evaluate patient’s attitudes towards artificial intelligence (AI) in dermatology. We found that overall, patients are receptive of the idea of using AI in skin cancer screenings as long as the human physician-patient relationship is preserved. Listen to Dr. Caroline Nelson, medical dermatologist at the Yale School of Medicine, discuss this topic in an interview with the JAMA Dermatology below:

Also be sure to check out Dr. Carrie Kovarik’s related editorial in JAMA Dermatology: Patient Perspectives on the Use of Artificial Intelligence

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